Why a film about Goddesses is so important in a Technology Age

15370070_10154810403771465_5439153343513184681_oThese days, it’s hard to imagine your day without picturing your phone in your pocket. We’re constantly saturated with information: the latest news, fashion trends, strangers’ fiery opinions, and advertisements telling you how to look and who you should want to be. Frustrated by the negative effects the media had on women, aspiring filmmakers Holli and Sara crowdfunded their way to afford camera equipment, packed their lives into a veggie oil school bus and set out on a journey to interview women from different walks of life. The result?  An inspiring film about following your dreamscelebrating diversity, and empowering your inner goddess.
Below, we interview one of the filmmakers, Holli, to take a behind-the-scenes look at how The Goddess Project came to be, and the community she’s growing through the film’s Theatrical OnDemand™ release.

How did you know you needed to make The Goddess Project?
In 2010 we moved to San Francisco together and were constantly inspired by the multifaceted women we met everywhere we went. As we got to know each of them, we realized how similar our fears and obstacles were. Every woman we knew looked to the media for role models, but unfortunately for us, women are often stereotyped and over-sexualized, rather than recognized for our strengths and contributions to the world. We saw how many diverse perspectives were missing from mainstream media and knew there were other women out there who would also benefit from hearing transformative stories.

In an information focused age, it’s so important to reflect back on one’s self and finding fulfillment. What are you hoping your audience can take away from the film? 

We created this film as a love letter to women. I hope The Goddess Project helps people everywhere realize that they are not alone in their fears and struggles.  Women have incredible strength and tenacity to overcome obstacles and nurture their dreams and desires. We’re all in this together, and we are able to discover our individual and collective potential in one another by sharing stories and experiences!

Your film certainly represents diversity, showing working mothers, artists, and healers. How did you find the women you interviewed?

Our goal was to film the most diverse group of women that we could find. We were looking for women who were making a positive impact in their community and who


Latinas in STEM (The Goddess Project)

were ready and willing to share their stories. We spent 6 months living on the road and traveled 10,000 miles across the United States meeting people through word of mouth, social media, and the goodwill of strangers. A lot of women were drawn to us because of our brightly painted school bus home-we had a sign on the bus saying “Tell us about an inspiring woman in your community!” We sat down with artists, mothers, healers, business women, and scholars who spoke about the life changing experiences that shaped them to become who they are today. 

Since the film’s release, you’ve also created a community called “Global Goddess Network” on Facebook. What was your inspiration behind creating this forum?

Yes! I started this group because I noticed that the Theatrical OnDemand™ Movie Captains and audience members were posting in their Facebook Screening Event Pages days and weeks after their screening to connect with people they had met at the event. Some of them even created their own Goddess Project Facebook Groups specific to their cities so they could connect with each other and share other empowering events in their communities (this made me so happy!).
I love sharing inspiring art, media and stories on social media and wanted to create a space for others to do so as well. I’ve met so many incredible women throughout this journey so I think creating a Global Goddess Network is a great way to connect with women around the world so we can inspire one another and lift each other up! Please join us and invite your goddess friends!

We hope you’re feeling inspired to catch this flick while it’s still available! Ready to request a screening? Click here, pick a theater and date, and get ready to embrace your inner goddess.
Still not convinced? See what our audiences are saying-or better yet watch the trailer.
“If you’re looking to be inspired by other women you have see The Goddess project. In fact, don’t walk, run and go see this documentary.” – Helen from Los Angeles, CA
Keep an open mind and be ready to feel everything.” – Julia Torrance, CA
“A empowering documentary that will leave you feeling as if you can accomplish whatever it is you put your mind to, because you can!” – Angie from Torrance, CA

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