Sundance Hit UNCLE HOWARD launches via Theatrical On Demand®



Sometimes a movie is just the thing to inspire us and remind us of the positive impact that a life lived with purpose and passion can have.  UNCLE HOWARD, is that movie. This documentary about Howard Brookner, a filmmaker and artist in NYC whose life and legacy was cut short by AIDS at age 35, launched to great critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival last year, and Uncle Howard is now available in movie theaters via Theatrical On Demand®. Get tickets now at

The New York Times calls it “An indelible, must-see ode to gay New York.”

NOW is the time to take action.

Help bring Uncle Howard to movie theaters across the United States, and support AIDS awareness. Individuals like you can organize and promote screenings in movie theaters across the country. By hosting a screening, you can share Howard Brookner’s legacy through his risk-taking spirit of making films and living life to its fullest. And through The Gathr Foundation, it’s easy (and free) to turn your screening into a fundraiser by simply adding a nonprofit organization using the donation tool.

Become a Movie Captain & Host your own screening. Hosting a screening is easy: Just pick the date, time, and theater where you want to host your screening and Gathr® will set everything up for you. You don’t pay any screening room rental or exhibition fee – all you have to do is help promote the film and get people to reserve tickets!

Click GATHR A SCREENING and sign up to become a Movie Captain for Uncle Howard at your local movie theater.

Make it a fundraiser: Just a nonprofit to your screening, and guests can donate funds when they purchase screening tickets.

Trying to purchase tickets to a screening near you? Enter your city or zip code in the map to see the screenings in your area. Click on the dot on the map for the screening you want to attend and reserve your tickets today.

REMEMBER: With Theatrical On Demand® we can bring this powerful film wherever and whenever the demand exists. To do this, Uncle Howard will come to your city only if enough tickets are sold in advance. This means you can’t wait till the night of the showing to get your tickets—you have to get your tickets now if you want this film to come to your town.

About the film: The story of Howard Brookner, whose first film, BURROUGHS about the Beat Generation author was released in 1983, when Trump Tower was a gaudy apparition, the Village was full of artists and the plague of AIDS was just beginning. Director Aaron Brookner, began this project as a search for his Uncle’s work, it evolved in to a deeply personal testament to the enduring power of film art and the gift of creativity in action.

Uncle Howard is an intertwining tale of past and present, the story of filmmaker Howard Brookner whose work captured the late 70’ s and early 80’s cultural revolution – and his nephew’s personal journey 25 years later to discover his uncle’s films and the legacy of a life cut short by the plague of AIDS.

Featuring conversations with family and close friends – including Jim Jarmusch, Tom DiCillo, Sara Driver, Hisami Kuroiwa, Brad Gooch, James Grauerholz and Robert Wilson, and long-lost footage and archival photos of William Burroughs, Patti Smith, John Giorno, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Paula Court, Terry Southern, Andy Warhol, Spike Lee, John Waters, Francis Bacon, Matt Dillon, Madonna, and more, Uncle Howard reveals a portrait of the tumultuous and mysterious life, struggles, and untimely death of Howard Brookner.

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