Free Tickets for Veterans to Thank You For Your Service Through The Gathr Foundation

Gathr Founder and CEO Scott Glosserman recently announced our one-for-one gift for veterans to see Thank You For Your Service through The Gathr Foundation:

We don’t like playing favorites, but given our tremendous debt of gratitude towards our veterans we feel as though we have a responsibility as civilians to galvanize our community in order to take aim at the military’s mental health crisis. Thank You For Your Service is so important to us because it is such an excellent accounting of the issues that stand in the way of delivering top notch mental health services to veterans (and active military). We have also gone all in with this film and are committed to making sure that as many veterans and civilians as possible watch it.

To that end, we started The Gathr Foundation, our own 501(c)3, for the primary purpose of providing a way for ticket purchasers, for instance, to make donations to subsidize veterans’ tickets to see Thank You For Your Service. Any Movie Captain™ can easily turn his or her screening event into a fundraiser, adding a national or local/custom charity to which ticket purchasers can donate. Gathr Films passes these funds through to The Gathr Foundation, which remits them as grants to the receiving party.

We thought we’d be the ones to kick this off, so now until March 1 for every ticket sold to Thank You For Your Service, Gathr Films will match a ticket for a veteran to also see the film. It’s our one-for-one gift through The Gathr Foundation. Now is a perfect time to request a screening, or to purchase a ticket to an existing screening of Thank You for Your Service.

When you purchase a ticket to Thank You For Your Service use the code: VETCOMP

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