Year End Letter from Gathr Founder/CEO Scott Glosserman

Dear Gathr Community:

2016 has been a transformative year for Gathr thanks to your participation. We created Theatrical On Demand® so that films can truly be used as vehicles to drive community and impact, and your continued engagement throughout the year is a testimony to its success. A special thanks to our repeat Movie Captains™, and a heartfelt welcome to our new Gathr’ers! As we look forward to celebrating our 5000th screening event next month, let’s first revisit some of our accomplishments over the past year.

1. Minimalism and Gathr’s International Expansion: 

How might your life be better with less? This film inspired people to take the Thirty Day Challenge to rid themselves of one possession a day for thirty days. Minimalism replaced Oscar® favorite, Weiner, as the highest grossing opening weekend for a documentary when it debuted.

Minimalism also signified Gathr Films’ international launch. Gathr now operates in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

2. Can You Dig This and our Gathr Ed Debut: 

We were very moved by the local actions taken as a result of this powerful film about building community through planting urban gardens. We provided Movie Captains™ with seed bombs and encouraged them to put the film’s message into practice. Here’s a great example of Georgia Organics doing just that.

Because of the tremendous demand for teaching materials and public screening licenses, we created Gathr Educational as a resource for community screenings and participation. Check it out!

3. Consumed and Political Action: 

Our only narrative of the year, but its opposition to GMO labeling and the Dark Act was unmistakable. Political outreach for Consumed influenced more than five thousand decision-makers and thought-leaders, and it resulted in a well-timed Capitol Hill screening hosted by the Democratic Senators from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy.

Consumed underscores our continued use of Capitol Hill to screen our powerful films; it follows in the footsteps of the Democratic Congresswoman from NY’s screening of Finding Jenn’s Voice, which shines a light onto the leading cause of death among pregnant women: domestic violence.

4. Vaxxed and Gathr DIY

We continue to be blown away by our distribution colleagues’ desire to leverage Theatrical On Demand®, and we believe all capable filmmakers should have an opportunity to reach their audience. After the De Niro favorite was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival just two months before its theatrical release, Vaxxed distributor, Cinema Libre, licensed Theatrical On Demand® for its release in order to accommodate the passionate organic demand that existed. The film now ranks in the top ten highest grossing documentaries of the year.

As a result of Gathr’s successful partnership with Cinema Libre, we are now officially offering Gathr DIY to filmmakers and distributors alike. Some terrific films that have taken advantage of our platform include: Seed, The Goddess Project, Disturbing The Peace, The Student Body and Pet Fooled. 

5. Embrace and Galvanizing Gathr’s Community:

After one hundred million people saw Taryn Brumfitt’s ‘Before/After’ photo online, she raised more than $350K on Kickstarter to fund her amazing documentary about her and many women’s struggle with body image. Taryn launched the Body Image Movement and we launched the film in the US by calling to action the Gathr Community, a community which has proven to be supportive of women’s issues and girls’ education. Embrace’s success on the heels of other Gathr documentaries like Finding Jenn’s Voice, I Am A Girl, Girl Rising, Tricked and I Am Eleven demonstrates the power of community and re-engagement.

While Embrace continues to be requested in theaters in the US and Canada, we are running an exclusive pre-sale of the DVD. (Available at a 20% discount through the end of the year). Use this code to access the special offer: EMBRACE

6. Restored Me and Gathr’s New Brand, Congregate™: 

Theatrical On Demand® has attracted filmmakers and distributors for an increasing number of genres, notably Inspirational Films. Earlier this year, we announced a new label to distinguish Inspirational Films from the rest of our slate. Fast Company took notice and dropped in for a Brooklyn screening of Restored Me. Shortly thereafter they dubbed us one of their “Most Creative People” and published this terrific piece.

Congregate™ will have its own online destination soon.

7. Generation Found and Gathr’s First Second-Time Filmmaker

We are quite proud to be working with Jeff Reilly and Greg Williams for a second time. They are the creators of the influential documentary, The Anonymous People, which we distributed via Theatrical On Demand® in 2013. Their new film’s deeply personal story about a Houston community struggling with youth addiction and its efforts to change the paradigm by supporting a Recovery High School is must-see viewing for educators, parents and teens.

We were so moved by Generation Found and its call to action (more Recovery High Schools!) that we made it Gathr’s first “all rights acquisition” and pledged to capitalize its marketing efforts over the longest period that we’ve committed to thus far.

8. Thank you for Your Service and The Gathr Foundation

We don’t like playing favorites, but given our tremendous debt of gratitude towards our veterans we feel as though we have a responsibility as civilians to galvanize our community in order to take aim at the military’s mental health crisis. Thank You For Your Service is so important to us because it is such an excellent accounting of the issues that stand in the way of delivering top notch mental health services to veterans (and active military). We have also gone all in with this film and are committed to making sure that as many veterans and civilians as possible watch it.

To that end, we started The Gathr Foundation, our own 501(c)3, for the primary purpose of providing a way for ticket purchasers, for instance, to make donations to subsidize veterans’ tickets to see Thank You For Your Service. Any Movie Captain™ can easily turn his or her screening event into a fundraiser, adding a national or local/custom charity to which ticket purchasers can donate. Gathr Films passes these funds through to The Gathr Foundation, which remits them as grants to the receiving party.

We thought we’d be the ones to kick this off, so until further notice, for every ticket sold to Thank You For Your Service, Gathr Films will match a ticket for a veteran to also see the film. It’s our one-for-one gift through The Gathr Foundation. Now is a perfect time to request a screening, or to purchase a ticket to an existing screening of Thank You for Your Service.

1. We’re improving the mobile device experience, which will make requesting screenings and reserving tickets far easier.

2. We’re introducing a suite of Movie Captain™ promotional and analytic tools to further increase the likelihood of your screening’s success.

3We’re adding Live Chat functionality and a revamped Knowledge Base to Customer Support in order to improve quality and reduce wait times.

4And, of course, we will continue to release important films. Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays from Team Gathr!


Scott Glosserman
Gathr Films

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