Movie Captain Spotlight: College Student Virginia Baisden with Thank You For Your Service

This holiday season we wanted to spotlight a special Movie Captain – college student Virginia Baisden who brought Thank You for Your Service to her community. Below is a featured Q&A with Virginia.

Gathr Films: Tell us a little about yourself, and your story.

I am a college student in my senior year of Psychology. I hope to pursue a career of holistic treatment combining counseling and occupational therapy for PTSD patients and wounded veterans.

How did you come across the film Thank You For Your Service, and what inspired you to host a screening of it?

As RedCross Tiffany Circle members my mother and I were invited to the Washington, DC premiere hosted by the RedCross. My parents were out of town however, I attended with the companionship of a family friend from church.

That same evening I spoke about hosting this in an area for EMU and JMU students in Harrisonburg. I feel this is a message that future helping professionals need to hear.

Tell us about your screening:

My screening was amazing. I had many veterans in the audience, counselors and myself to lead discussion and aid in answering questions.

Why do you think your community, if not the nation, needs to see this film?

This film shows sides of war and of being a soldier that are often looked past. I feel it is needed to raise awareness. Since leaving my internship at Walter Reed just a year ago I have known 5 patients or acquaintances from WR either commit or attempt suicide. One of whom was younger than me (I am 21).

Everyone needs to see this……I look forward to being able to buy it and show more people….my professors also want it ASAP.

Thank to Virginia for bringing Thank You For Your Service to her community!

Bring this powerful film to your community by visiting today.

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