Gathr Films Now Processing Donations for its Films’ Causes Through The Gathr Foundation

Gathr Films can now accept donations to nonprofit organizations and other causes along with film ticket purchases through The Gathr Foundation.  Gathr’s films can now choose a national cause or nonprofit partner to include as part of all Gathr screenings. At checkout, consumers have the option to add an amount to their ticket purchase as a donation to the organization the film has chosen.

In addition, individual Movie Captains will have the option to add another charity to be the recipient of their specific film screening, and more easily turn their screening into a local fundraiser. Once a screening is completed Gathr will coordinate delivery of the donated funds to the nonprofit organization.

We’re launching the donation technology with the documentary Thank You For Your Service – the film has chosen as the national nonprofit recipient of donations for all screenings of the film. BHCNOW is the social action campaign associated with Thank You for Your Service that supports the creation of the Behavioral Health Corps within the Department of Defense.

Thank You for Your Service aims to highlight the challenges soldiers face to access quality mental health care and identify the source of those challenges, primarily, the lack of a central agency overseeing mental health care to active member military personnel. BHCNow aims to establish a much-needed Behavioral Health Corps, in order to provide increased access to mental heath care for our nation’s servicemen and women.

“If the public takes one message away from this film: reach out to your member of Congress and request that they support a Behavioral Health Corps in the military #bhcnow. That will be the best action that they can take to help address the plaque of suicides that our veterans are suffering

– Dan Rice, President, Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point

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