Fast Company’s Most Creative People: Restored Me Screening

Fast Company reporter David Zax recently attended a Gathr screening of Restored Me in Brooklyn hosted by Bishop Eric Garnes, and facilitated by Gathr’s own Head of Distribution Ryan Markowitz. A few take-aways from the full article 6 Minute Read/Most Creative People:

“Gathr had created a platform to monetize the unconventional audiences that embraced Restored Me by shepherding them from churches to movie theaters. For five years, Gathr has offered its services to bring niche films to small but passionate audiences in movie theaters around the country. Kickstarter-style, Gathr invites filmmakers to demonstrate that a sufficiently sized audience exists in a given market by “tipping” a screening. When that happens, Gathr ships a digital copy of the movie to a participating nearby theater.

As Restored Me was becoming a church-house hit, Gathr was refining its business model, adding a new focus on faith-based films. One such film, a Christian action film called Beyond the Mask had brought in about a million dollars in the first half of 2015, making it the third highest-grossing film on Gathr’s platform. Gathr CEO Scott Glosserman did some digging and found that while domestic box office returns have been mostly flat in recent decades, the faith film segment has grown from $30 million to $500 million over the same time period. (Gathr plans to launch a specific faith-film brand called Congregate this fall, largely so religious people can navigate to its website without accidentally exposing themselves to imagery from an indie horror film or sex farce on the mainstream Gathr platform.)”

Read full article here:

Tickets to Restored Me here:

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