Come see our SXSW Panel: Indie Film and the Death of Theatrical

Indie Film and the Death of the Theatrical

Sunday, March 13
2:00PM – 3:00PM

Austin Convention Center
Next Stage
531 E 4th St


With distribution and exhibition changing so quickly, indie filmmakers must begin re-thinking how to plan their theatrical run. How much longer are filmmakers working with limited marketing budgets supposed to retrofit their film in the old paradigm? Please join Adam Schartoff, host of the popular podcast Filmwax Radio, along with Founder & CEO of Alamo Drafthouse, Tim League, Founder & CEO of Gathr Films, Scott Glosserman and others for a progressive and proactive conversation on the future of the theatrical.

Hashtags: #sxsw #RIPtheatrc



FOUNDER & HOST Filmwax Radio

Adam Schartoff is the host of the popular indie film podcast Filmwax Radio. He is also a film curator and a burgeoning filmmaker.


CEO Gathr Films

Scott Glosserman is a producer, director and distributor. He founded Gathr Films, pioneers of Theatrical On Demand®.


CEO Drafthouse

Tim League is a movie theater owner and co-founder of genre film festival Fantastic Fest. League is also a film producer of such films as The ABCs of Death.

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